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A couple of debates I've had on Facebook.


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People ask me why I'm vaugely misanthropic. I should link them to this thread.

When exactly has religion pissed on science?

That is absolutely absurb. Even atheist scientists talk rubbish about religion! Instead of respect, they mock it.Examples?

So how about all those christian, jewish, muslim, hindu, pagan scientists then? Ken Miller for example. Christian and evolutionary biologist who testified against creationism and intelligent design in court? Is he mocking religion by discrediting genesis?
You see, you are not putting my words in the context again! I said that EVEN Scientists could talk rubbish just as much as religious people. I don't want to descredit science but I am at the same time a defender of religion.Richard dawkins is an example of a typical atheist scientist (see http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/faith/article5459138). He thinks that he has got the universal knowledge, the unique knowledge but luckily science doesn't depend on him to progress. People who try to prove a point by attacking a sphere that they don't comprehend are led to chaos.

As an ex-christian, and a rather devout one at that, I feel extremely qualified in pointing out when and where relgion and the religious are being morons. No, you said atheist scientists. Now, which one of those words do you think would make people outspoken about religion. 'Atheist' or 'scientist'? You can't say scientists mock religion when what you mean is certain individuals might who just happen to be scientists. It's dishonest to suggest otherwise.
No, it is not dishonest because only a portion of scientists (who most of the time are atheist) don't admit religion and worse make as if it is moron! Again, I don't like generalisation - this is pretty dangerous! Everywhere you will have good and bad god followers but you should not judge the religion according to them.

Religion is vast and again very intrinsic. To me, it is based on a belief and worship of a god and its principles. It contains a whole set of stories, experiences, prayers and poems which reflect a pattern of God's dealings with a line of people that he got in touch with. Through these patterns, we can then come to know how God makes himself known. Religion becomes then a belief shared amongst its supporters because it has been testimoned by prophecies. Those who believe, feel their god as it belongs to their heart, to their mind, to their psyche which enable them to communicate with him in many ways. It is a force, not a matter. For instance, for the christians, they refer to the bible when making moral decisions because they believe that God speaks through the bible and the bible records what jesus taught about behaviour. It defines a right way of conduct which is meant to protect us against evil - against our sins - in order to help us to have a better judgement of what is good and bad through its words of wisdom.

Like infinitely small atoms, God is invisible to the eye but so visible to our mind and conscience. It is unproven by theorems but proven by our personal experience.

Personal experiences aren't proof.
yes but theories are! and religion is not only personal experience is also principles and theories

Theories require evidence and there is no evidence to support any religious cliam of the supernatural, ergo, there are no religious theories.
religion is based on theology science not on ghosts.

Religion is based on faith, not science. Theology is not a science, religous claims cannot be tested, evidenced, observed and most importantly, falsified. Theology has never been and never will be a science. It doesn't fulfill the criteria.
theology" is "the science of things divine".

No, theology is the study of subject of theism. It is not a science because science depends on being able to falsify things. How do you falsify supernatural claims?


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Same creotard, different thread:
extremism is not religion. Sorry. Religion doesn't teach extremism. It teaches peace!

I lol'd.

Other Guy: Religion teaches many things, it just depends on how you interpret it. Many religions do teach extremism.
No way. Prove this! The scriptures in the bible or in the coran or in any holy book are all based on peace and love. How can it be about war?

"And Israel joined himself unto Baalpeor: and the anger of the LORD was kindled against Israel. And the LORD said unto Moses, 'Take all the heads of the people and hang them up before the LORD against the sun, that the fierce anger of the LORD may be turned away from Israel.'" (Numbers 25:3-4)

"And we took all his cities at that time, and utterly destroyed the men, and the women, and the little ones, of every city, we left none to remain." (Deuteronomy 2:34)

"Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and woman: but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at my sanctuary. Then they began at the ancient men which were before the house." (Ezekiel 9:5-6)

"If a man be found lying with a woman married to an husband, and a man find her in the city, and lie with her; Then ye shall bring them both out unto the gate of that city, and ye shall stone them with stones that they die; the damsel, because she cried not, being in the city; and the man, because he hath humbled his neighbour's wife: so thou shalt put away evil from among you." (Deuteronomy 22:24)

Yeah, the Bible is all about peace, isn't it?

"Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished." (Isaiah 13:15-16)

Is infanticide and rape peaceful?


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t seems that some folks will believe almost anything, as long as it doesn't appear in the Bible.

It seems you will believe anything so long as it is in the Bible.I wonder, do you actually have your own opinions or do you only copy/paste things because you clearly know nothing about evolutionary theory?
Everything is a creation and nothing comes out of nothing

No one has ever claimed anything came out of nothing. Except creationists.
There is always a reason behind anything and everything.

What's the reason behind child abuse then? Or HIV, or cancer?
Wrong. Creationists are the only one who explains the origins of the universe and why all things were made thanks to GOD. Evolutionists can't explain the origins of creation and deny it all! They deny the theory of everything which is exactly what God is!

The theory of everything is the theory that can unite the 4 fundemental forces of nature in the same equation. It isn't god by the way.

Fact is, modern science has explained so much. We know so much. But people like you seek to shit on all that knowledge because it isn't in a book written 3000 years ago. You people are why the human race is essentially fucked, because no matter how far we go there will always be people like you more than willing to try and drag us back to the bronze age. People like you make me physically sick.

You don't like evolution? Fine. Never use modern medicene again because ALL of it works because evolution is a fact. And when you're dying of some easily treatable illness you can pray to your god for help and see what happens.

How dare you discredit the knowledge our people have aquired through centuries of hard work and genius because bronze age shepherds hadn't heard of DNA, or atoms, or plate techtonics. How dare you sit there like you have ultimate, absolute knowledge because of your faith. Your faith means nothing, litterally nothing. It is tiny and insignificant.

Science admits when it is wrong. It grows. You stagnate and wither and you expect the rest of us to follow you into perpetual decay? Well fuck you. Fuck you, fuck your faith, fuck your religion and fuck your god.

I used to have faith. I had faith in humanity, I had faith we'd one day be better than we are now. I don't have faith anymore because of people like you. You wont stop until we're all stupid, ignorant fools crawling in the dirt because the man in the sky said knowledge is worthless.

You're welcome to that future, just don't expect the rest of us to follow you don't that one way street.


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This is just a little LOLZ after a debate about the evil evilutionist conspiracy that is the Cambrian 'explosion'. I think it quite nicely indictates the levels and hypocracies your mindless creationist 'decent' christian will sink too...

This exchange was kicked off after someone told me to "get a job" after I spent a while posting a rather large refutation of some bullshit....


I have a job, it's great. 4 day week, 3 day weekend
Typical lazy euro-trash.

So I'm lazy because I took the first job offered to me after I graduated rather than claim state benefits and stay at home all day? Nice logic. Perhaps you'd like the email address of my employer, see if you can convince them to change my contract to more than 30 hours, I'd quite like the extra money.
Perhaps you'd like the email address of my employer, see if you can convince them to change my contract to more than 30 hours, I'd quite like the extra money.

OMG, I would love that.

I then provided an email address of an ex-colleague who's email I have access to. I returned this morning to find this in my inbox:
(I work for a climate change awareness company, hence the golbal warming rant.)

A few clarifications:

  • I live in the UK, the guy lives in the US. How we met in a pub is beyond me.
    I'm teetotal so drunken episodes are out the question.
    I don't live near a canal, let alone have the inclination to throw things into one.
    The company I work for is non-profit so what it would get out of a tax scam...well, if you know then let me know. I might get some more money that way.

So yeah, stating the obvious a little but creationists are insane and lying bastards.



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Dumbass theatre: June edition.

Topic: How should religion be taught in schools?

RE was basically Catholic Bullshit 101 for me. One time a teacher actually told my class, no hint of irony, that condoms will actually increase the chances of STDs and pregnancy. it was utter nonsense. Of course RE should be optional, it frees up a lesson for something useful to be taught, like science or history.

If it's taught it should be taught objectively and as a 3rd person view. This is what X, Y or Z religion is and it's adherents believe. Nothing more.
Step 1 - bring a Bible to school.

I went to a school that did that. I don't recomend it.
First mistake: going to Catholic school.

Wasn't my mistake to make, it's not like I asked to be sent to a school that places myth over reality.

Step 1 - bring a Bible to school.

The Bible =/= religion, unless this is a magic Bible that also teaches people about Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Taoism,or Nordic/Greco-Roman/Celtic/Native American Paganism.

Moron replies to another post.
Voudou is anothergood example: why would I ever want my child to know anything about that filthy evil discractive faith?

Sliipery slope fallacy. Show me any school that teaches about voodoo as a religious alternative to studying any other religion.
[by the way, it's "THEIR", not "THERE"] - an all to common mistake made far too many adults who have gone through a failed academic system which began deteriorating when the Bible was removed from the classroom...]

Seriously, any link to the removal of Bibles from schools and linguistic skills. Any at all? Perhaps you'd like to also make a false link between a lack of prayer and the inability to solve Fermat's last theorem?
Any honest discussion about academic religious studies should acknowledge that not all world religions are equal - some religions are infact gobblygook while others are simply evil.

Christianity is both.
As a Biblical scholar myself, I know that the Bible is a good academic tool to use to teach children good grammar, good handwriting, and - most importantly - good personal morals and values.

How moral exactly is stoning unruly children and discriminating against people based on who they find sexually attractive 'good' or 'moral'?
Any other written doctorine would be a waste of backpack space, paper, money for book fees, and precious classroom time.

Really? So tell me exactly why this tenet of Bhuddism is a waste of time:

"Avoid killing or harming any living being.
I undertake the precept to refrain from destroying living creatures.
I shall endeavor to protect and take care of all living creatures.
Do not do harm to other beings."
That's just my own humble opinion. Take it or leave it.

Yeah, I'll leave it.
I'm certainly thankful that I am not the only one who feels this way.

I'm certainly thankful there are many who don't feel this way.
Budhism: Isn't that the religion of the big chubby guy that you rub on his belly? I once took my wife to the nail-salon and the lady's boss has a little dollhouse set up where he would put a fresh cup of tea and an orange out as part of his Budhist faith - now that's just silly.

No sillier than a crucifix on the wall and completely racially inaccurate painting of Jesus. (Newsflash: He wasn't white.)
How many bacterial microbes are killed just from the act of eating?

I don't know.
how many insects do I unknowingly kill each day?

Who cares what you do, you're not a Bhuddist.
Budhism fails as a universal truth just on those things alone...let alone the big chubby gold statue that everyone bows to. I'm sure there are a lot of nice things about the teachings of Budhism; but without proper acknowledgement to the God of Adam and Eve, even Buddah has already been condemned to eternal everlasting death. No thanks.

Er....death is eternal and everlasting anyway....
Please keep Budhism out of my child's academic environment or I'll kindly remove her myself.

Your daughter will grow up to be a emotionally retarded, unknowledgable moron incapable of living in the real world if you shield her from everything YOU disagree with. Here's a novel idea, how about you ask her what SHE wants to learn about or wait til she's old enough to decide for herself?
Er. I think the resurrection of Jesus and all of which he is known for gives people solid reason to know otherwise - the Christian faith - the one that teaches about eternal life and everlasting salvation. You just can't get that from Budhism.

Yeah, I'd rather not live for eternity if it's all the same with you. Sounds terrible.
Oh, you have to go personal because you have nothing else.

Nice quote mine, perhaps you'd like to quote the whole sentence next time? I'll save you the trouble:

"Your daughter will grow up to be a emotionally retarded, unknowledgable moron incapable of living in the real world if you shield her from everything YOU disagree with. "

Duh. I would never bring my children to a Thailand child sex house on a culture quest, why would I want her to read the Quran in school?

Because the 2 aren't even remotely comparable?
Eventually, she will be making her own decisions. When the time comes, her child upbringing and those values she will have been taught will be there to assist as an inner voice to certainly help her make good decisions about her religious faith and her life morals.

And if she rejects everything you believe?
In the meanwhile, I do not need her school teaching that all religions are equally valid and good - they are not.

They aren't all equally valid or good, they're all equally nonsense.
Please teach religion - if you must - with a Bible. Thanks.

The concept of religion doesn't begin and end with the Bible, we're discussing the teaching of religion not the teaching Christianity.
Anything - could be described as "religion".

No, it can't.

a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, esp. when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.
If true religion is to be taught, then it must be recognized first that the only one true religion is Christianity; and as you should certainly know, Christianity begins and ends with accurate Biblical knowledge. All other religions - including but not limited to "Liberalism" - is a waste of the classroom setting.

No, just no. For the last time religion doesn't begin and end with Christianity. Religion is a concept of which there are many differing religions of which Christianity is just one. What you are doing is claiming the topic of dogs can only be taught by learning about poodles. There are many others to learn about and supposed 'truth' is wholey irrelevent.
Correct. While both evils are deplorable, Islam and the teachings found in the Quran are the worser of the two evils because as one is an attack of the innocent physical body, the second is an attack of the human spirit.

You're an idiot. You do realise that a lot of the Qu'ran is exactly the same as the OT, in fact it is the OT. Moses, Abraham, Genesis....if teaching the Qu'ran is evil then essentially a lot of the Bible is also evil.

What worries me is that you class teaching Islam as a historical and philisophical concept is worse than paedophilia and child trafficking. You seriously have many unresolved issues.

WOuld you rather your daughter:

A) Was raped?
B) Read the Qu'ran?

I await your avoidance of the question with bated breath.


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Dumbass Theatre - September edition.

A 'debate' that started on the topic of right wing newspapers reporting of issues of immigration and muslims.
Are any of the stories those papers report on untrue? Or are they just ones that the liberal elite and left wing do gooders would rather not hear about?

Given that they're in the Star and the Express? Yeah, they're probably untrue. They're just inflamitory bullshit designed to push a political agenda. It's boils down to simply the same nationalistic fucktardery that the BNP employs, impoten...t fist waving at migrants and muslims because they either don't 'get' them, or don't want to. They fear what they don't understand and scared people do stupid things.

It's the same logic that makes people claim muslims will take over the country and impose sharia, despite the fact that muslims make up about 14% of the population and the fact we have a rather robust politcal system that is set up to stop any one person or group imposing religious will on the country. Unless that will is christian in which case they can shi ton as many people as they like.

Bottom line is, it's intolerant bullshit. That's not a liberal or left wing conclusion it's a conclusion based on evidence. The best kind of conclusion.
Probably untrue ? they either are or they are not, probably isnt grounds to spew multi cultural left wing bullshit about, i think factually some of the stories ARE true, how they are presented may be biased and perhaps inflammatory but if ...the basic facts are true then we need to start re- addressing the situation.
Unfortunately the left wing and the previous Labour filth of a government closed any discussion down on the cries of Racist at anyone who dared mention the obvious, so in such an important issue " probably" doesnt quite cut the mustard.
There are some very intelligent and concerned people with serious reservations about the effects of immigration and the social and economic effects of too much, and to shout them all down as BNP supporting fringe element right wing nutters really doesn't advance the argument one way or another and ultimately plays into the hands of the people you despise so much, because ordinary folk when they feel they are not being listened to will gravitate towards them,
And if you want to know what intolerant really is go and ask the christians in Saudi Arabia, or Somalia or parts of Nigeria or the Sikhs in India i think you'll find your Muslim friends are just about the least tolerant people on gods earth. And that is based on fact, as you say the best kind of conclusion.

The last Labour government left wing? Seriously?

And I didn't shout down anyone trying to have an intelligent debate about the ramification of immigration as BNP supporting fringe nutters, I said the logic the Star and Express use is the sa...me the BNP use. The Star and the Express aren't having an intelligent debate, they're just printing biased inflamitory bollocks. Civil debates dont open with "THEY TOOK OUR JOBS", something I've yet to see any evidence for. I think your conclusion would be more relevant if you qualified which muslims are being intolerant because it comes across as you accusing all muslims as such, and I doubt that was your intent, so just a heads up.

I don't need to go to SA or Somalia to see what intolerance is. I've seen an English Defence League protest, I turn on the news and see Christians intent on burning the Qur'an, I see Palestine and Israel intent on wiping each other off the map. The fact is in the UK we're pretty damn tolerant, but the bullshit the Star, Express and Daily Mail print undermines that and starts inserting paranoia and anger where none exist and none need exist.
So the Star and Daily Express are to blame, of course, Nothing to do with Osam Bin Laden, nothing to do with Iran's sworn intention to wipe Israel of the map, nothing to do with the Islamic fundamentalists lovely habits of stoning women to... death, Genitally mutilating young women bombing and killing anyone that doesnt agree with there hate filled little book, Hanging young gay men in the streets executing young children for taking sweets from British soldiers on the streets of Kabul, thats right its the EDL doing all those delightful little things, no my little left wing looney's its your friends the Muslims, and until the majority of them stand up against the vile acts carried out in the name of there hate filled religion many people will continue to dis trust and despise them as a race, the same way my parents generation did (wrongfully) to the German and Japanese people for the actions of the minority. Bury your head in your politically correct sand pit as long as you like but its happening and its real.

And so the strawmen begin...
So i take it the Headlines you originally commented on were in fact based on truth,( regardless if youulike the truth or not).Not "probably" lies after all.

The fact those papers fan the flames of intolerance does not mean some muslims are evil dicks who act in an evil dickish way, it does mean that they are being demonstrably intollerant, and if we're pointing out hate filled religions let's be at least consistent and add Christianity and Judaism to the list too shall we? Every crime you've listed that have been done in the name of Islam has also been done in the name of the other two. Terrorism included. Oh, and Islam isn't a race, and people who despise a majority because of the actions of a vocal minority are morons.
And how do you know how intelligent BNP or UKIP supporters are, how do you measure intelligence?? anyone who doesnt support a multicultural nightmare society kow towing to Islam is stupid ??? Nick Griffin graduated from Cambridge, i dunno but most people would regard that as a symbol of intelligence..???? i prefer to take people on ther actions not here iq's

‎"And how do you know how intelligent BNP or UKIP supporters are, how do you measure intelligence??"

Easy. You vote BNP then you're an idiot. Multiculturalism doesn't enter into it, their ranks are filled with people who have been on record ...spouting vile racism, Griffin has gone on record as a holocaust denier. Anyone who places race and nationality on a pedestal is an idiot. UKIP don't bother me half as much. Also, which Muslims are you constantly refering to? Qualify your claim. Not all muslims are intolerant fundamentalist extremists.
im reffering to any who are(intolerant fundamentalists) and any who dont speak out,( most of the rest) against them,

what about people who put religion on a pedestal, i suppose they are to be admired are they??

i dont support BNP but i dont... discount here voice in any discussion, they seem to be mor representative of the views of more people i meet than the other three parties, and i would guess if you could get past your political correct ideological hatred you may find you agree with them too, on a lot of things, if not all.

Like how about we get out of the Muslim lands and stop killing them, immeadiately, how about we stop trying to inflict our culture and ways on them, in agrreement they do the same, how about we start putting the education of our kids and the care of our elderly above the amount we pay Pakistan to spend on nuclear weapons to fill the coffers of companies like BAE,, who suprise suprise pay massive dividends to share holders ,, some of whom are the Govt ministers giving our money in the first place...

its not difficult to figure out once you get past your sixth form debating society nit picking. Open your eyes and see the bigger picture, i ts not the BNP or the EDL or any other silly affiliation of slightly neurotic do gooders its the corporate bastards who seek the One world "new world order" all the time your fighting Nick Griffin theres a fucker in a pin striped suit stood right behind you lubing up ready to do you really good.. ,, maybe you'd like that,...(lol)

And theres plenty of Ex Communist party members in NU Labour, maybe you wanna check old Stalin's record on human rights, he wasnt denying holocausts , he was busy fucking doing them,!!!

Which isn't relevant. Being a communist or even an ex-communist doesn't mean you agree with Stalin's track record of batshit insane treatment of of political dissenters. Communism is a political ideology nothing more.

Nick Griffin denied th...e holocaust and open spoke out against gay rights because he is a bigot, I've yet to see any Labour politician defend Stalin or try to deny/justify his actions. If you vote for a bigot, then you're endorsing bigotry.

And if they truely were more representative of the views of the people then they wouldn't have lost so many council seats as well as their over all share of the vote compared to the last election.

"and i would guess if you could get past your political correct ideological hatred you may find you agree with them too, on a lot of things, if not all."

It's got nothing to do with political correctness. I don't support bigotry, and that's what the BNP promote. Be it homophobia or racism. I've read the BNP manifesto every election since I was 18, and over all I disagree with the majority of things they promote. Of course they have some agreeable issues, environomentalism for one, but then they're also nationalistic extremists. It would be like voting for Hitler just because he set up VW. He was still an anti-semite, homophobic, creationist fucktard.

I wont bother to address the ad homien or strawman of the third paragraph because they're ad homs and strawmen. Oh and massively paranoid.
Fundamentalist Muslims deny the holocaust, Execute gays, and you still defend them, no wonder you left wing loons are so fucked up. And whilst being a communist doesnt mean you agree with everything Stalin did, if you endorse those views, ...you can hardly throw mud at a guy like Griffin, im non political so i feel i have the right to call them all as i see it.

if it was a football match the scores would have been

Hitler (facist) 6 million
Stalin (communist) 30 million

To hear a traitor like Jack Straw (ex commie) calling BNP voters facsists is a bit rich, especially as they like to ALWAYS bring up the holocaust. Maybe it only counts when you kill jews, ..Oh no, thats what most Muslim states want!!!!

God you lefties must get confused..

And by the way, they hate you, so defend them all you like, when the shit hits the fan they'll cut your throat quite happily.

I take it the original comments in those excellent newspapers were indeed correct.

I'm not, nor have I ever, defended fundamentalist muslims. Fundamentalist musilms are a detrement to t...he human race and as such can fuck off. I do take issue with people making no distinction between fundamentalists and non-fundamentalists. And I'm not overly left wing. I'd consider myself more a left leaning centrist. I make up my mind on issues according to evidence, not a predetermined political stance.

Communism does not equal Stalin. The Soviet Union was not a true communist state, it was a dictatorial oligarchy which is the very opposite of Communism or Marxism. Communism doesn't mean you kill or throw dissenters in the gulag. That was the view of a power hungry party elite, not the view of communism. Stalin and Griffin are two sides of the same fucked coin.

No one is keeping score. Genocide and mass murder are inexcusable regardless of the number of bodies. Hitler and Stalin were equally evil. Being a communist does not mean you advocate or endorse facism or Stalin. What it means is that you endorse a classless society with communal ownership of property and production. That's it. And yes, the holocaust is brought up because on too many occasions to count BNP members have readily denied it happened. If anyone denied that Stalin killed 30 million people they would be equally wrong, but I've not seen anyone outspokenly do such.

If I were a leftie I doubt I would be. Mass murder is bad. Always. Seems quite simple to me.

I'm defending only the muslims who are being unfairly tarnished with the extremist brush. I'd do the same if people were calling all Christians hate mongering terrorists too.

Those papers are far from excellent, and generally, skepticism is a good thing. You don't believe something as default and wait for it to be disproven.
your right mate its only 95% of them that fuck it up for the rest, and the stories the newspapers comment on are True, 100 % true everyone of them, and thats FACT, Your hatred of fundamentalist Muslims is EXACTLY in line with The EDL, maybe your on the wrong side after all..

It's not 95% of anything, you're confusing vocality with numbers. Unless you have evidence that it is indeed 95% of muslims. That I'd like to see, and I'd like to see evidence that those stories are 100% true. Because seeing as you're making... that claim you must have something concrete to base it on.

No, my hatred of fundementalist muslims has nothing to do with the spurious bullshit the EDL spout. I hate fundamentalism, regardless of where it comes from. I hate fundamentalist muslims, christians and jews alike, same goes for fundamentalist nationalists like the EDL and the BNP.
Anyway if there way of life is so superior why dont they fuck off to some muslim land and live the life they so crave, and allow us to live in peace.

Well, I'm going to assume you're just talking about extremists now, because extremists are morons. Morons don't have a great track record with being sensible.
No, i think all of them, and if your lot love em so much maybe you could go too, oh no i forgot, they won't let you in,,

Well then because not all of them think an Islamic state would be a great thing, because it wouldn't be. Sweeping generalisations aren't really great arguments. In fact, they're not arguments, and why would 'my lot' want to go to an extremis...t Islamic theocratic state simply because we defend non-extremist muslims from people who can't be arsed to think logically for half a second and not tar everyone with the same brush? Maybe I should move to Africa because I defend black people when people call them 'niggers'. Maybe I should move to Germany because I defend them when morons label all Germans as Nazis. My passport would get full quickly, and to be honest I don't really want to go anywhere, esecially not on such fallacious grounds.
Yeah, go anywhere except England , they seem to be the only people you dont defend

I don't see anyone expect fundamentalists having a bash at England, and seeing as I've already stated my views on fundamentalism it should be a given t...hat I defend anything being unfairly attacked. Though if the concept of England can't survive bashing from a few religious idiots then my personal defence isn't going to count for much.
Face it mate , you are wrong on all counts, i could go on, but you will constantly bury your politically correct head in the sand

People who decry political correctness are often only doing so because they want to say shit that's bigoted, intolerant or just plain offensive. Like people who complain because they can't say 'paki'. That said, I've no interest in politica...l correctness, only evidentially supported facts and intellectual honesty. If not automatically being distrustful of all muslims/immigrants and having no problem with multiculturalism makes me PC then fuck it, I'm PC. I'm not going to lose an sleep over something so massively unimportant and arbitrary.
Regardless i find it very strange how you can find no positives to say about the Muslims or there ...filthy religion, only compare the average behaviour to the worst we have unfortunately had to experience,

I can find many positives to say about the muslims I've actually met. They've all been good, funny, kind and intelligent people. Genuinely nice human beings. I wont comment on ones I haven't met, save I treat them as innocent until it can ...be proven they individually are deserving of scorn. You say filthy religion, I say show me a theistic religion that isn't shit. Regardless, treating all muslims as universally bad because some muslims are bad is a very dishonest and idiotic thing to do. Full stop. And that goes for everyone, not just muslims.
sorry mate i have to go, i really dont wish to talk about the vile scum bags anymore, you carry on in your little world of denial and stupidity, your beyond help.

:facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:


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I normally don't read threads like this, but this is a good one.

That there's some good ownage, I must say :)

edit: Was talking about the biology parts.
ImprobableJoe said:
They resort to the "you're going to burn in hell" thing pretty quickly, don't they?

I guess that's what happens when you're just rattling off a list of stupid and wrong things that you heard in a Ray Comfort video, and that you don't actually understand even a little bit. When someone who does understand what you are saying comes around, and tells you that you're wrong, all you can do is threaten eternal torment from an imaginary friend and run away.
I think you misunderstand...

They started with "you're going to burn in hell" if you believe anything other than the Bible and everything else comes from that...

If you want to understand creationists, imagine that I'm trying to convince you that Australia doesn't exist. That's how they feel. You're some crazy guy who's trying to convince them that Australia doesn't exist when we all know it does!