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    Super Admin *SD*

    On Sunday i promoted *SD* to super administrator he has more responsibilities on this site and more power to troll i mean help the users. I’m not leaving League of Reason but i have so many other responsibilities at the moment i cant follow every post thats made or even be on daily.
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    Phylogeny Explorer Magazine

    This magazine was released this month on the Phylogeny Explorer Project Facebook group. Hope you’ll enjoy the read, its 33 pages.
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    Would we be better off without religion

    Would humanity be better off without religion. What if religion was never invented would we be more advanced and how many lives would be saved (no killing in name of).
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    After a few months of trying with ads i disabled them they where to intrusive even after telling Google to show less it showed more. The money earned was after all does months like 5 dollars, so not worth it at all. Where going to look how we can make money to keep the software up to date and...
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    Transcending the ensemble: baby universes, spacetime wormholes, and the order and disorder of black hole information

    There is a very nice article about black holes and information being released. The article is very technical i would suggest seeking a news article.
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    Happy New Year

    From the League of Reason a happy and healthy new year.
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    What if we proofed God

    For this what if the premise is that we proofed that God exist scientifically and we know he is real. Now for some questions: 1. Would you trust God 2. What would you ask if you can ask questions 3. Would you accept him or just continue like normal and do everything you did before you knew 4...
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    Guide Google Adsense

    Not really a guide because it’s not 100% complete. As of today we are running advertisements on this site, it’s a step that we needed to take to generate some income. This income is used to run the project in it’s whole, think server cost, software etc. Where only running the advertisement in...
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    Guide Start Conversation / Private Message

    When you want to talk to some one in private you have the ability to start a Conversation also known as Private Message. I need to note that when a message gets reported the Admin can access the reported message to look whats going on. When you click some ones name you can see a card pop up like...
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    Non-Sequitur Show

    Does any of you have any idea if the Non-Sequitur Show ever be back. Its been a while now that they did any show that lawsuit made a mess of everything. Wonder if we can setup something like that or even take over the Non-Sequitur Show.
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    Guide What’s New

    In the navbar (Navigation Bar where you see Home, Forums etc) you see What’s New the counter in red with white letters is the posts you still need to read. You can press What’s New and you will see what you still need to read in bold, the number is the posts not threads that you need to read...
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    Guide Tag System

    When you want to tag someone in a post you start with the @ sign and start typing the persons name. There will be a list that you can select from, the function is the same as on Facebook.
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    Guide Selective Quote

    If you think what is selective quote then i will explain it to you. You know how normal quote works and how multi quote works, this system combines the two together. Sometimes you want only quote a sentence or a few sentences in a post or in multiple posts. When you select text (how you would...
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    Guide Dark/Light style

    I have activated a light style on this site. There is a lightbulb next to the search press this and you will switch from dark to light or light to dark.
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    Guide +Quote (Multi-quote)

    I have enabled multi quote on this site, from now on when you want to respond to multiple users you can press +quote instead of reply. When you press +quote a message on top will say “Message added to multi-quote” if you press -quote (you made a mistake) it will say on top “Message removed from...
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    Server Down Time

    The server was for the last 80 hours offline it was the perfect storm that started with maintenance. The maintenance was scheduled but extended to another day everything went downhill really fast. The server how I understood was just not responding at all.
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    Guide Max post length

    I have removed the maximum post length, you should have enough characters to make very lengthy posts.
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    Guide Book Club starting and Rules

    This project started on the Facebook group Phylogeny Explorer Project and is also fun to do. The first book for Book Club is Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism by Aron Ra. We choose this book because Aron Ra is the visionary of the Explorer and we thought why not start with this book. Steve...
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    With us being back an official Discord server is going to be launched in a few weeks time.
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    Guide Media sites

    The following media sites are now supported on this site: ABC News, Amazon Product, audioBoom, Audiomack, Bandcamp, BBC News, Bit Chute, Bleacher Report videos, Break, Brightcove, CBS News Video, CNBC, CNN, CNNMoney, CollegeHumor, Comedy Central, Coub, Dailymotion, Democracy Now!, dumpert...