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  1. Dragan Glas

    Explaining Macroevolution to a creationist

    Greetings, One could also say that the use of the term "population" is problematic in that it's associated with (micro)evolution within a species. Macroevolution is, effectively, evolution within a population that includes more than one species. Kindest regards, James
  2. Dragan Glas

    The Nuclear Disarmament Game

    Greetings, The current - or next - state of the arms race is hypersonic missiles. Nuclear versions of these will require hypersonic counter-missiles, if not energy/beam weapons, to neutralise.. If such missiles became so fact that there's no realistic defence against them, then I'd hope that...
  3. Dragan Glas

    Infantile Lottery Sterilization

    Greetings, In America, "liberal" doesn't mean what it means in Europe. Kindest regards, James
  4. Dragan Glas


    Greetings, I'd argue that space is not "empty", as in, there's nothing there. I'd argue it's near-vacuum - it's almost empty - as Spar, and Hack, indicate. Kindest regards, James
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    Greetings, OhhhhhhhhHHHHH, you spoilt it! Kindest regards, James
  6. Dragan Glas

    Infantile Lottery Sterilization

    Greetings, Due to my being about to go out when I typed my previous post, I made a boo-boo, which I've now corrected. To save anyone having to go back to read it: 1) True RNGs are based on stochastic natural phenomena, such as radioactive decay; 2) Pseudo-RNGs are based on algorithms to...
  7. Dragan Glas

    Infantile Lottery Sterilization

    Greetings, You seem to be back-sliding, AMorrow. You'd acknowledged, in a earlier post, that you realised it was a bad idea - regardless of what you call it ("A onion by any other name...), yet you appear to be still trying to make it work. All that's needed is universal access to birth...
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    Greetings, Er, ... space-time may be a superfluid. Kindest regards, James
  9. Dragan Glas

    Elon Musk, genius or idiot?

    Greetings, He suffers from Asperger's, as far as I know, which may explain his lack of social skills (inappropriately calling people paedophiles, etc.). He's also had to resign as CEO of Tesla due to certain run-ins with the SEC, and recently came under fire for his tweets - the SEC are...
  10. Dragan Glas

    Infantile Lottery Sterilization

    Greetings, Greetings, I'm glad that you've finally realised this. Universal access to birth control is all that's needed. Let women decide for themselves whether they want to get pregnant every time they have sex or not. The term "population control" conjures up images of hordes of people...
  11. Dragan Glas

    The paradox of tolerance

    Greetings, I faced somewhat similar animosity from someone in a pub in the UK. He was an Irish chap who was banging on about the British. Turned out he'd been in the Royal Marines but had refused to serve in Northern Ireland, and had either left or been "let go". He seemed to think that...
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    Greetings, Kindest regards, James
  13. Dragan Glas

    Infantile Lottery Sterilization

    Greetings, Global Contraception Programme. There's a policy that would help control population growth. If you want to campaign for global population management, start by opposing the "Global Gag Rule": "The global gag rule forces health care providers to choose between U.S. global health...
  14. Dragan Glas

    The Nuclear Disarmament Game

    Greetings, Most of the old nuclear powers understand by now that strategic nuclear weapons are not viable due to MAD. As a result, they are shifting the emphasis to tactical nuclear weapons. However, the "wanna-bes" - North Korea et al - still want to be nuclear powers. Indeed, North...
  15. Dragan Glas

    Half cocked mathematical proof god does not exist

    Greetings, I thought you were referring to the P->0 part. That should be enough though to indicate to anyone that the probability of (any) god existing is virtually 0. Kindest regards, James
  16. Dragan Glas

    Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

    Greetings, If I remember correctly, Led, you said that your partner works in a hospital?! Hasn't she told you of anyone dying from the virus? Kindest regards James
  17. Dragan Glas

    How religion made America go nuts

    Greetings, When I first glanced at the title of this topic I thought It said, "How Religion Made America Go Nude". Kindest regards, James
  18. Dragan Glas

    Do non physical things exist?

    Greetings, Perhaps Led's idea of "higher" involves sapience (self-awareness) rather than mere sentience (awareness). Kindest regards, James
  19. Dragan Glas

    Do non physical things exist?

    Greetings, I think it might help to consider the interaction between Nature and Nurture. Although I've never seen this analogy used before, I think of this in terms of dancing round a maypole. The maypole represents Nature, in the form of genes. Nurture is represented by the ribbons. With a...
  20. Dragan Glas

    Dragan Glas @ for you only! on the discussion of evolution!

    Greetings, I'm sure he has - and by others over the years - but if he hasn't grasped this basic concept that evolution takes a long time, then it would explain why he doesn't understand/accept any of it. I'm perfectly happy to continue talking to him - as long as his misunderstanding is...