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    What would you do thread (please read first post of first page)

    He/she has two choices walking or in lots of pain.
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    Whatcha reading at the moment?

    Because i’m so busy with either LoR or the Phylogeny Explorer Project i don’t take the time to read anymore. I like Sci-fi and fantasy books but i can also enjoy technical books. While i’m an adult i like books as Harry Potter but also F. Forsyth or books over the Lore of World of Warcraft but...
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    With us being back an official Discord server is going to be launched in a few weeks time.
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    Seasons Greetings

    Happy New Year. But i still need to wait 12 hours and 20 minutes.
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    Media sites

    The moment Disney+ share video’s i will request it to be added.
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    Media sites

    The following media sites are now supported on this site: ABC News, Amazon Product, audioBoom, Audiomack, Bandcamp, BBC News, Bit Chute, Bleacher Report videos, Break, Brightcove, CBS News Video, CNBC, CNN, CNNMoney, CollegeHumor, Comedy Central, Coub, Dailymotion, Democracy Now!, dumpert...
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    User tags

    You can tag a user just like Facebook just use @ and then straight after without space type in the username. As user you will get a warning where the bell icon is on the same line where search is. Depending on setting in your user settings you can even get an email.
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    Dark Style and Light Style

    We have a dark and light style you can switch by pressing the light bulb next to the search icon. Default setting is the dark style this is also the style that gets priority for updates. When that is done light style get the same updates.
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    Sorry for the confusion really bad with dates it seems. Migration is completed but i have weeks of work that needs to be done.
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    Hello community, Tomorrow monday 22 December 2019 i will migrate this board away from phpBB to Xenforo with extra add-ons. I will start around 19:00 CET and everything should be completed in 6 to 7 hours.
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    Arguments for God's Existence

    If God exists then by definition it would be an alien for us. Even if humans would exist on another world and come to us or we to them then we are the alien and they are.
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    If you have issues

    Not everything is 100% at the moment but it works. Your welcome it was fun to save this website what Aron did not know at the start that we have major issues with the transfer of the domain name. So we picked this domain to get everything running again. The work that needed to be done was...
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    If you have issues

    The URL changed and i have no idea if we can get the back. Another issue is mailing members you really cant do that easy in phpBB.
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    Happy belated 10th anniversary

    Yes everyone that was a moderator or administrator are now mortal again. If you want to help you will need to ask AronRa about it.
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    Irrational Assertions in my inbox

    You cant make this up even when you try.
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    If you have issues

    We worked hard to get this board working again and we ironed out lots of issues. But it can happen that there still issues we know that some images do not work but not all so please report them. As well as attachments there gone if you have them please let us know and we try to correct this.