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    And the U.S. President is...

    Not quite: Despite my best efforts.
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    Poll on Socialized Medicine

    I had a bit of an argument with someone who claimed that most people in countries that have socialized medicine (essentially) wish that they did not. I know that this is bullshit, and was all set to bring up some actual polls and statistics, but apparently he also thinks that my sources are...
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    Are you smarter than an a-theist ?

    32/32, But I have to admit I guessed on the Great Awaking one.
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    Studies on the effects of porn on children?

    I suppose I should clarify that the reason it would be hard to get ethics approval on this is not so much that the study involves porn (lots of studies do), but that it seeks to determine effects on children. Its just hard to get approval for that kind of research, because it involves...
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    Studies on the effects of porn on children?

    I suspect that it would be hard to get approval for that research. Ethics boards tend not to take kindly to this sort of thing.
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    Absolutey horrifying animal abuse

    Here is a wonderful example of evolution modifying an existing system rather than creating a novel one: At some point in our evolutionary history, humans developed the capacity for moral disgust. Thing is, there is no such thing as a moral disgust center in the brain. So what did evolution do...
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    Death Threats for Islam ... Against =ME=

    I have yet to receive one... I have had a Hindu declare war on me, however.
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    Opinion on anonymous

    I don't know. They do have their moments.
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    Money Can't Buy You Happiness ?

    Money may not be able to buy happiness, but poverty inhibits it.
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    The Aquatic Ape is Absurd

    In fairness, the hypothesis was a cleaver one, and it did seem at the onset to address several interesting quirks of human physiology. But yeah, it didn't pan out, and people who cling to it these days are being absurd and dishonest.
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    Why am I delusional?

    Two things: 1. It is not clear if the universe and the "laws of the universe/nature" are linked in this way. That is to say, it is possible that these laws exist outside of the universe, and would persist even were there no universe in which they currently applied. There are other ways in...
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    Why did islam get founded?

    Why did it get founded? Because cults are profitable enterprises. Why did it spread? Because the Sassanid Persians and Byzantine Greeks had exhausted each other militarily, and were vulnerable to attack. Easy.
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    I want to oppose Islam...

    Get in touch with some Iranian Republicans and ask what you can do to help.
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    Recommended History Books

    One of my favorites, actually:
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    Recommended History Books

    The Best War Ever can be a refreshing change of pace from the normal WWII literature. Sadly it mostly concerns itself with America, so maybe less interesting for a Brit. The Perfect Heresy is a good one if your interested in medieval history at all. Actually there's a whole literature of...
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    The Islamic conquer of Europe

    I think this is more a sign of the inadequacy of this definition. Surely every totalitarian regime does that.
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    The Islamic conquer of Europe

    At least you don't do this:
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    What Language Should I Learn?

    He could learn Finnish! Except don't you guys have some insane number of cases? That might be a tad tricky.
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    What Language Should I Learn?

    Sounds a bit like this: about a minute five.
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    What Language Should I Learn?

    Ah, in that case remember: Vocabulary is easy. Pronunciation is easy. Rhythm is easy. Literary, grammar, and idiom are very, very hard. Most people who try to learn Japanese plow through the beginner stage in no time, and then stuck on things like how to correctly form a sentence. If all...