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    Poll on Socialized Medicine

    I had a bit of an argument with someone who claimed that most people in countries that have socialized medicine (essentially) wish that they did not. I know that this is bullshit, and was all set to bring up some actual polls and statistics, but apparently he also thinks that my sources are...
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    Are Humans Just Another Primate?

    I thought this was interesting: I particularly enjoy about 55 minutes in when he discusses faith. Because it is true that unshakable convictions are somehow very appealing, even though they are often disastrous in practice.
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    It's VFX all over again...

    So it looks like DrCraigVideos has stuck his neck out with a false DMCA. Time to cut it off.
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    Neothink Society

    I debated putting this in Politics and Law, but clearly pseudoscience encompasses it better: Can anyone tell me what the hell he is going on about?
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    ZOMGits take on labels

    I like this, so here we go: Anyone else find the word games that get played over this issue tiresome?
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    Helping our friends in Iran.

    It has been made known to me that a simple way to help our comrades in Iran is to change your twitter location and time zone to that of any Iranian city. It makes it much more difficult for Iranian authorities to monitor local internet activity if everyone is Iranian. If you don't have a...
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    I want so badly to love you Yemen, thanks for helping me out,8599,2097937,00.html I believe it needs to be said: about damned time!
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    Japan March 11th Earthquake You okay LRkun? New Zealand? I'm told the threat of a major Tsunami is on the slim side, all the same holding in there?
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    Mountains of Maddness?

    Has anybody heard more about this?
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    Thank you Tylzen

    For your favorites list, which includes:
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    Attention dotoree!

    As dotoree doesn't seem to have the where with all to do this himself, I have taken it upon myself to split off a thread for him, before he gets himself banned: From, this thread: Quoth dotoree: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ -- Last reply here I hope, I really need to spend the tiny time I have in the...
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    What Manner of God Would You Worship?

    Relatively simple question: Supposing that there is a god, and that this god is in some sense knowable, what characteristics would such a being have to possess in order that you might worship it? Anything at all, omnipotence, humility, wisdom, compassion, whatever; excluding, of course, "the...
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    TheoWarner's Request.

    The link to his survey is:
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    CartervonRiedel gone?

    Youtube user CartervonRiedel - known for his Hitchslap series - seems to have disapeared with the following (rather familiar) explaination: Off-hand, I have no idea of this is legit or not, but I thought I should bring it to your attention.
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    Computer Resources - The place to go if you want to buy parts: good prices and a nearly perfect "no questions asked" return policy. - Everything you might ever want to know about the latest technology, building your own computer, security, etc. Plus it has its...
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    Just a thought I had.

    With my experience in this thread, it occured to me that perhaps we should add a 'computer resources' sticky in the tech section. I realize that this isn't exactly the Leagues mandate, but it might be useful to our members.
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    On the purchase of a new computer.

    The epic beast of a desktop I have been since college has fallen, and I need advice concerning aquireing a replacement. Asside from browsing the interwebs, I spend most of my computer time playing games like Fallout, Dragon Age, Civilization, etc, so I'm looking for a computer that can run...
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    AronRa on Dogs, Bears, Foxes, Pandas, and a Muppet

    I realize that most of you are probably already subed, but just in case: Epic.
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    Loosing the 'Batin Vote

    Some of my fellow USians may be familiar with Christine O'Donnell, perhaps the rest of you have heard of her. She's not a terribly important person all things considered, but she does seem to be gaining some steam as a Repbulican candidate in Delaware...
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    A not-so Cargoish Cult A slightly dated, but nonetheless fun story from the pacific regarding the Husband of Elizabeth Deux, a volcano, two women, some Islanders, and a messianic complex.