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    A Journey to the Edge

    Just a bit of musical fluff. Sorry I am posting from work and I cant embed
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    A Life

    This was fun to make. Trying to show what actually happens from the moment we are conceived until we reach old age - in 5 minutes
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    The Evolution of Man

    Just a quick one i made showing our evolution and early ancestry. The music remix is based on a track I have listed as "Diadema", but I dont know if this is the track name or the artist - so if anyone does know please tell me. I wanted to give the video the feel of an old film reel that had...
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    The best thing I have seen in ages...

    I love that the muppets are still going and able to put out stuff like this
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    My first video - Life, The Universe and Everything

    Here's my first one. It was done more for the entertainment of my younger relatives than anything else, plus i had to re-edit it quite a bit to get it under 10 minutes, so is not completely chronologically accurate but I hope you enjoy it