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    A Journey to the Edge

    Just a bit of musical fluff. Sorry I am posting from work and I cant embed
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    If God Was Real, Would You Worship?

    If God was real, I would not be here as the person I am today. We, as a race, would not have adapted or evolved the way we have. There would be no technology as there would be no need to invent things to make our lives easier. There would be no society as we understand it, just a small...
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    Feminism or batshit insane-ism?

    You are correct, the chinese government has a history of treating everyone equally badly - regardless of gender I always labored under the impression that true feminists wanted social and legal equality. To claim that one gender is intrinsically better than another is sexism, it doesnt matter...
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    Gadgets for God

    All this needs is a big, pink, vibrating sex toy poking up out of the middle and I could give it to my sister for xmas
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    Thoughts on Buddhism

    My own thoughts on Buddhism can only come from my own personal experiences. Not from being a member of the faith itself, but from living in a predominantly Buddhist society for 3.5 my case Thailand It was always a paradox to me that such a polite, well meaning and seemingly placid...
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    Row over Pope's remarks about atheists and Nazis

    Well we should listen to the experts. After all not only was he in the Hitler Youth, but the vatican itself pretty much condoned the Nazi's abuses Oh ...and most Nazis were Catholic
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    Blair memoirs quotes

    Good..because without sceptics this board would not exist :D
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    Blair memoirs quotes

    It was at Fettes. I am not giving pics or further details as my uncle moved from there to much more prestigious establishments, with which he is still heavily involved, and to do so may leave clues to his identity
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    Blair memoirs quotes

    The guy really is a prick, its not an act. However I would not take what he writes too seriously (if indeed he wrote anything at all - ghostwriter?). There is a certain amount of controversy over some passages which appear to have been lifted straight from draughts of the movie "The Queen" True...
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    Prostitution - Yes or No

    Funny thing about the UK, being a prostitute is not illegal. Provided you work alone indoors and dont advertise your services
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    And anyway no one would call it British Literature....its called ENGLISH LIT(erature) The whole story smells like a pile of steamies to me
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    Hitchens against the free exercise of religion

    Firstly I do think that everyone should read the full article in order to understand the conceit that the Hitch was trying to get across. Secondly my own belief is that when you choose to visit or permanently reside in any country, you are bound by the rules and laws of that country - even if...
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    New method developed to diagnose autism

    So what about the 10% that get misdignosed? I would hope that they only consider this as "patterns that might point to" autism, rather than a final diagosis by itself as a 10% margin of error would not be acceptable here
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    Interested in your answers

    I am not a physicist in any way, but here goes.... Thank you for this, I am jet lagged and caffeine jagged. My brain needed a stretch
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    Are "people" with Down Syndrome humans?

    Yes they are. Individuals are the result of their parents genes, so as long as both parents were human then they are too
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    What if God defies Logic, Reasoning & the Laws of Universe?

    Re: What if God defies Logic, Reasoning & the Laws of Univer If he does then, regardless of whether or not he actually exists, we can never interact with him on any meaningful level, so he may as well not exist
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    League of Treason?

    Because, according to George Bush Senior, "I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots."
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    Burn a Koran day

    Offensive as we might find it, we cannot ban book burnings. It is a private individual's personal expression of his disagreement with it's content As long as they have legally purchased and own the books being burned, and it is taking place on private property, not only do they have the right...
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    The Agnostic Manifesto

    I would write an Agnostic Manifesto, but I can't decide whether to use the blue or black pen Anyway, agnosticism is all about acknowledging the unknowable, so why bother searching for an answer if you can never know what the question is?
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    Burn a Koran day

    That people go? I think that deep down the biggest problem I have with this whole story is that with all the other attention worthy news items going on around the world at the same time, this one made national headlines