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  1. Prolescum

    The "regressive left" and other sundry items.

    Original topic: here Okay, let's unpack that somewhat. Firstly, you use the terms regressive, militant, and radical with regards to a "left". As an opening gambit, this appears somewhat of a pot calling a kettle black. Surely, as implied, you believe yourself to be "better"? I'll give you...
  2. Prolescum

    Merriest of new years to you all!

    May 2017 treat you all to those things you hope for, and give you the courage to fight for the things that wishing can't produce. :D
  3. Prolescum

    The U.S. Presidential Primaries: The Final Stretch

    Now that we're down to the last six-and-a-bit months of the U.S. presidential election cycle, how do you feel about the policies proposed by the final five candidates? How do you think each would deal with the issues most likely to be theirs to solve? Who is most likely to win, and is that who...
  4. Prolescum

    The ‘biblical view’ that’s younger than the Happy Meal

    Link-me-do Really interesting article, thought I'd share it. I'd love to read a book on the so-called conservatives in America and their constant state of utter bonker. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  5. Prolescum

    Midweek Link Thread (17/12/14)

    Microplastic deposits found deep in world's oceans and seas US chimpanzee Tommy 'has no human rights' - court Quantum thinking: Cats to computers Skeptics, deniers, and contrarians: The climate science label game Ancient doodle hints that Homo erectus was smarter than we thought 3D...
  6. Prolescum

    Midweek Link Thread (03/05/14)

    Soap, sunscreen and steroids found in Antarctic waters and wildlife Tony Blair's essay on fighting the war of ideas against extremism Where do billionaires go to university? Japan's space agency launches Hayabusa 2 craft The man who can hear Wi-Fi wherever he walks DNA survives a ride...
  7. Prolescum

    Inbox by Google

    I have several invites for Google's new definitely-not-a-Gmail-replacement, Inbox. It's pretty neat, actually. Definitely worth trying out if you've always wanted to organise your inbox with tags, filters, and what-have-you but couldn't be arsed. First come, first serve.
  8. Prolescum

    Midweek Link Thread (19/11/14)

    Global Disease Monitoring and Forecasting with Wikipedia UNC researchers silence leading cancer-causing gene Exclusive: New figures reveal massive decline in religious affiliation Researchers craft a battery that can be recharged with waste heat Is there a creativity deficit in science...
  9. Prolescum

    Midweek Link Thread (12/11/14)

    Ghosts created by scientists in 'disturbing' lab experiment CERN appoints first female director The Most Popular Passages in Books, According to Kindle Data Scientists make enzyme that could help explain origins of life From single cells to multicellular life Birth of Planets Revealed...
  10. Prolescum

    Midweek Link thread (05/11/14)

    People Are More Swayed by Things That Look Sciencey Seven Myths about Ussher More On Why Smart People Are Not Always Rational World's first solar cycle lane opening in the Netherlands Every Single Flu Vaccine Myth, Debunked Potential planet formation in a triple star system Jerry...
  11. Prolescum

    Midweek Link Thread (22/10/14)

    Psychic Sally Morgan sacks husband for launching anti-gay attack on critic Introducing: Flickr PARK or BIRD New App Widens Access to Research: The Open Access Button People think their opponents are hate-filled—unless you pay them money DNA yields secrets of human pioneer Sex 'emerged...
  12. Prolescum

    Midweek Links - New Edition (08/10/14)

    New molecule found in space connotes life origins Sir Tim Berners-Lee speaks out on data ownership US east coast cities face frequent flooding due to climate change Finally, the Useful New Website That Debunks Silly Internet Rumors in Real Time Clear skies on exo-Neptune Blue LEDs...
  13. Prolescum

    Midweek Link Thread - Reappearance Edition (24/09/14)

    Earth-shaking dinosaur discovered California blue whales rebound from whaling; first of their kin to do so India becomes the first Asian country to reach Mars Day out at the gallows and other bygone photographic oddities Novel antibiotic class created Researcher shows that black holes...
  14. Prolescum

    Midweek Link Thread - Two-Tone Edition (10/09/14)

    Earth-shaking dinosaur discovered Best of Last Week – New model for dark matter, Martian clouds and mind to mind conversing Infamous “podcast patent” heads to trial Why the Big History project funded by Bill Gates is alarming Why it’s so much harder to think like a Conservative The...
  15. Prolescum

    Show us yer tech, mate!

    Which computing devices do you use? Of course, I use a PC or laptop for general day-to-day stuff, and those who know me well know I use GNU/Linux (ElementaryOS to be precise) as my main operating system. My laptop is an HP Pavilion g6 with an AMD E2-3000 APU and 8GiB of up yours RAM. Pretty...
  16. Prolescum

    Midweek Links - Wednesday Again Edition (27/08/14)

    “SHARK WEEK” GOES BELLY UP Bill Nye Fights Back Ohio lawmakers want to limit the teaching of the scientific process Moscow may ban anti-Russian films from cinemas in new censorship threat Group identity emphasized more by those who just make the cut Astronomers find evidence of water...
  17. Prolescum

    Midweek Links - Wednesday Already? Edition (20/07/14)

    Pyramid and human “beehives” designed for Mars dwellers New dates rewrite Neanderthal story Sweat-powered battery could charge your phone Global warming denial rears its ugly head around the world, in English The ABC's of animal speech: Not so random after all Higgs boson could also...
  18. Prolescum

    Midweek Links - Beta Edition (13/08/14)

    Senate Abortion Hearing Reveals Junk Science Behind Women's Health Laws EXCLUSIVE: ‘PRO-TROOP’ CHARITY PAYS OFF TEA PARTY CRONIES INSTEAD “Right to be Forgotten” may affect skeptic outreach Prehistoric animal remains discovered in U.S. Two-headed dolphin carcass discovered in Turkey...
  19. Prolescum

    I spent a day watching AtheistTV — and it was horrifying

    Haha! Oh wow. I think I need a Doctor facepalming. Hang on. :docpalm: There we are. I think my opinion on "movement" atheism is well known so I won't go on. ...but is there really any point to this sort of stuff? Can something as bizarre an idea as Atheism TV even have...
  20. Prolescum

    Midweek Links - Variety Edition (06/08/14)

    Close up gif slides of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko The never-ending conundrums of classical physics Vladimir Putin signs historic $20bn oil deal with Iran to bypass Western sanctions Stronger, better solar cells: Graphene research on the cusp of new energy capabilities Space...