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  1. Prolescum

    America. Not the land of the free nor home of the brave.

    I believe Sparhafoc is using deprecating humour. It's the only real bind between British cultures.
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    Registrations not going through.

    Looks like (or in all likelihood is) my fault. We have some persistent spam issues, which thanks to the team, are almost never public. It's a real nuisance, and we've gone through several iterations of the antispam setup to only short term fixes. Zealotry is never the answer, and I accept I...
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    Common ancestry of apes

    I've activated his account. Apologies for my tardiness, I've been on holiday.
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    League of Sagan

  5. Prolescum

    More than half in UK are non-religious

    Sounds somewhat low based upon my anecdotal evidence. There are only two and a half Christians in my office*, no one in my social circle or family is religious**, and I can only think of a Mormon separated by four degrees***. On the other hand, we all love old churches. *of 20-odd **or...
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    Blunders that Atheist make all the time:

    Let's keep the conversations civil, friends. This site is for rational discussion. If for any reason you find yourselves or others to be irrational during your conversations, step away or find a way to express and/or address it better.
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    Long time, guys, what's new? I'm debating Matt Dillahunty!

    Re: Long time, guys, what's new? I'm debating Matt Dillahunt Hey DZ, great to hear from you! This is where I heal my hurts.
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    Phylogeny Explorer Project

    Look forward to it. Doesn't really foment discussion, though. Check the two great quotes in my signature for my views on fora ;)
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    Finally! My own Conspiracy Theory. :?
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    Phylogeny Explorer Project

    I'd be happy to support this project, and can dedicate a sub-forum, a new top-level board (such as Reason), and/or an IRC channel for the purpose, if that's what you're looking for. The site is also available via TapaTalk. I'm happy to chat about anything else you think we might be able to provide.
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    General Election 2017

    Best part of it for me was imagining Peter Mandelson's face when he saw the exit poll.
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    The Great War

    This is an excellent find!
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    General Election 2017

    Because one of Theresabot's two phrases is "coalition of chaos". I think Lyndon Crosby has pulled the same game too many times now (throw insults, sneer, repeat lame neologism, avoid questions about nebulous manifesto, throw insults...) and I think it's a failed strategy now, particularly...
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    General Election 2017

    You know, I am so constantly outwitting the opposition, I tend to forget the delight and satisfaction of the arts... the gentle art of fisticuffs. ~ General Election
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    SAFE Ambition Earth Day video

    Well done, hackenslash.
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    General Election 2017

    I've voted Green all my adult life except where I voted tactically for the Lib Dems in 2010 (The Labour MP there was awful, just awful). Big error of judgement, that. Although, the circumstances are different today (I live somewhere else, a bunch of simpletons voted to get rid of settlers from...
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    Worldwide celebration of Christ's resurrection.

    Hahahaha! Hilariously put! Like the insignificant religious majority's worst fears, the inexorable rise of disbelief is pretty much unstoppable at this point; it'll take Gotterdamerung if not Ragnarok itself, I suspect. I don't give a flying fuck whether you celebrate an angry god's desire to...
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    Do atheists believe we can not know if there is a God?

    thenexttodie, which of these paths would you like to take? 1) If you continue provoking other members with inane, pointless waffle, as appears in this and several other threads, you will receive a series of progressively longer periods with no posting privileges. This is your current direction...
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    Are moral values objectively real?

    We have moderators and rules, which are, by necessity and design, limited in scope. The site's purpose is to foment discussion (not control it), therefore it behooves us to maintain the lightest of touches wherever possible. You can report individual posts if you believe they break the rules...
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    The "regressive left" and other sundry items.

    I've just read this thread, and I can't be bothered to put in any effort to talk about these meritless, insignificant issues. Tree, that you think any of this risible drama has any value depresses me. It's fucking pathetic. You have a government that doesn't share a reality with its populace (or...