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    FAO Report on Biodiversity

    A comprehensive report on the state of the world's biodiversity in terms of human agricultural production. Not a short or easy read, but one that snapshots a moment in time of human history and of our impact on the planet. If we continue with...
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    Labour & Anti-Semitism

    Living overseas, I have really struggled to understand this trainwreck that's played out over a couple of years. All the bits I've seen suggests that it's just another iteration of criticism of Israel's actions and its policies - or failure to engage in full-throated support of Israel's...
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    Hindu Nationalist Science

    Good to see this on the BBC as it's something I think few Western skeptics get to see much of. Sadly this bullshit has all too real repercussions. A sweet, gentle guy I knew got sucked into this fatuous make-believe and started promulgating...
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    Jesus Take The Wheel

    According to the Conservative News Source (CSN News), the expression "Jesus take the wheel" is an anti-Christian attack by incoming Muslim Congresswomen. Check out the comments section to...
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    Seasons Greetings

    Merry Christmas, sultry winter solstices, and season's greetings to one and all! Have fun, stay safe, and make merry!
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    Total Fertility Rates study

    A new study of last 70 years shows that global Total Fertility Rates (TFR) have decreased by 50% since the 1950s. Essentially the only geographical area in the world which maintains a fertility rate doubling their population is in sub-Saharan Africa, and some of the most populous areas on Earth...
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    Can Humans Exceed Their Nature? 60% of all vertebrates have gone extinct over the last 4 decades and those extinctions are directly linked to rising rates of affluence and corresponding consumption. There can be no sensible...
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    US Spiralling Down

    Those chickens are coming home to roost. In just one week, a guy tries to get into a church frequented by African Americans and, when he fails, he goes to the supermarket and shoots dead two elderly African Americans; pipe-bombs are mailed to various critics of Donald Trump - the crackpot crew...
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    Death by Cop?

    Just gob-smackingly, inanely stupid. Donald Trump is... once again... using Twitter to apparently subvert USA's rule of law. There's the typical implication that it's all politically motivated by saying that the investigations were started during Obama's presidency (factually, only one was...
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    Fossil: Caelestiventus hanseni Wow! 65 million years! That's quite the leap!
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    IHRA's Definition of Anti-Semitism

    This is in the news at the moment with respect to the UK Labour Party's part acceptance of the definition. For clarity, the definition reads: I personally think that many of these are easy to grant and logically do entail antisemitism, i.e. 1, 2, 3. However, I also think there's a very...
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    UK Visit

    I woke with a migraine this morning, and finally managed to pull myself out of bed at midday. I am not sure I am yet awake or even compos mentis. Did Trump's visit to the UK really start with him attacking the integrity of the UK by supporting a political crisis, threatening no trade deal with...
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    thenexttodie's mind-reading

    In this thread which is now locked, thenexttodie had several times tried to forward the notion that atheists are uniform in their views. Cutting down on some of the early tedious exchanges, eventually survey data was shown establishing that atheists are not remotely universal in their positions...
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    Enceladus Macromolecular Organic Compounds I thought it was going to be Europa, but Enceladus will do nicely! :)
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    $4 damages for man shot dead Irrespective of the verdict, the awards are a travesty of justice, humanity and common sense.
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    RNA memory storage

    I referred to this recent discovery in a thread in the philosophy forum, but it's far too important a topic to reside only there.
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    Congratulations Ireland

    For overturning the 8th and choosing liberty over irrational privilege.
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    Early Modern Humans Left Africa Earlier Poke-fossils: you gotta catch 'em all!
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    Corvids in Space! The oldest examples of human designed hooks are from about 23,000 years ago in Japan using sea snail shells. In just 1000 generations, give or take, we went from fish-hooks to Moon landings. Beware, the corvids!
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    Evolution of Governance

    Now this is a genuinely interesting discussion on politics.