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    Death by Cop?

    I'm going to guess you have no source for this because it sounds like complete BS.
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    A short exchange of views

    gotta love the complete disconnect of saying that Westboro Baptist isn't Christian for judging people, while they judge the Westboro Baptists.
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    UK Visit

    And according to the white house twitter he had Tea with the Queen before departing the UK. his next stop is Scotland Trump is not the only idiot in the White house
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    Scriptural support for degeneration theory?

    Alright then answer my question from earlier, how much heat would be required to create the amount of radioactive material, and how could any life on this planet survive this sudden thermal increase?
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    Scriptural support for degeneration theory?

    As I explained in my earlier post which it appears you glossed over, electrical current is not measured in Volts, but in Amps. Voltage is the measurement of electrical potential, not electrical current. Voltage on it's own will not produce heat it's the electrical current or Amps which do that...
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    Scriptural support for degeneration theory?

    First current is measured in amps not volts, but that mistake can be forgiven. Now onto the meat of this assertion, how much heat would be required for this to take place, and could any life on this planet survive this sudden thermal increase?
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    $4 damages for man shot dead

    Tree I think your missing the point of the story. If the jury doesn't think that the police are responsible then don't award the family any money, whether the police were at fault here is not what this story is about. When the Jury decided to give the family $1 for the funeral, and $1 to each...
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    Warmbier Parents claim torture

    Do i Need to bring up the stories of what happens in Guantanamo and the fact that most of the people there past and present have never received a trial at all fair or otherwise? Or shall i bring up what happens in some jails inside this country where a pregnant woman goes into labor and the...
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    Warmbier Parents claim torture

    I would argue that we have no right to criticize the prisons of another country while we ignore the abuses in our own.
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    Slavery in the bible discussion thread

    Actually slavery in the bible provides the perfect example of subjective morality. If morality was objective, then the fact that we find slavery abhorrent now, would mean that they found slavery abhorrent back when the bible was being written, and that is clearly not the case. What your...
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    Slavery in the bible discussion thread

    Except that not having a belief is not a belief, bald is not a hair color.
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    Slavery in the bible discussion thread

    I can think of multiple real world examples, but they are all examples of things which should not be banned to begin with. Also your argument falls apart when you consider that the Christian god had no problems banning other things (such as the making of false idols) and then having everybody...
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    Slavery in the bible discussion thread

    Why would you only be willing to help someone if they gave you ownership over them? Are you incapable of working out something that didn't involve a person becoming property? that is not the same, as an employee I have entered into a contract that exchanges my services for monetary...
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    Arguments for God's Existence

    I couldn't be bothered to slog through all 32 pages of this tripe, but I've always disliked the KCA because it doesn't even argue their position, to my understanding Leroy i arguing for the Christian god, but even if we grant every single aspect of the KCA he still doesn't get there, not even...
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    Discussion thread for Bernhard.visscher vs. hackenslash

    It's commonly accepted that dogs are descended from wolves, so ask him if dogs are still wolves. I know he'll reject the assertion, but at least you can get him stuck in his own logic of everything is still what it was.
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    On "Kinds" vs Species

    actually it does mater because the creationists typically claim kinds and species are not the same thing, because we have witnessed speciation, which if they were the same thing would mean we have witnessed one kind becoming another kind. The reason you can never pin a creationist down to a...
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    AiG: "Evolution not a theory" and "Four power questions"

    this is just evidence of water being in the mantle, nobody is questioning that, but even if the bible does talk about the water in the mantle (hint: it doesn't) that would not be evidence of a global flood,
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    AiG: "Evolution not a theory" and "Four power questions"

    A Eukaryote is any organism whose cell's contain a nucleus and other organelles contain within a membrane, I am making no statement about anything evolving, I'm just pointing out that all multicellular life reproduces other multicellular life, therefor by your definition that is all one kind...
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    AiG: "Evolution not a theory" and "Four power questions"

    If your definition of kind is "a kind reproduces after it's own kind" then i can claim that there are really only a handful of kinds. Diapsids produce other diapsids, therefor all crocodiles, lizards, snakes, tuatara, birds and non-avian dinosaurs are one kind. Heck i can take this farther...
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    My intro

    Actually a small part of me misses the 9/11 truthers and the Venus Project nuts, they were slightly more interesting then the religious nut bars that find us.