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  1. he_who_is_nobody

    The Beautiful Destruction of Kent Hovind

    I get such little free time now, but these have been keeping me sane. They are a spark of nostalgia in the beautiful destruction of someone who has long deserved it. I have to say, I am glad AronRa is doing it in this format and not live.
  2. he_who_is_nobody

    Weekend Links - December 16, 2016

    Einstein's Age Of Extremism In Victory For Protesters, Army Halts Construction On Dakota Pipeline Astronauts Are Getting Better and Better at Farming in Space First Dinosaur Tail Found Preserved in Amber Homeopathic “Drugs” Will Have to Carry Disclaimers That They Are Bunk Note to...
  3. he_who_is_nobody

    Weekend Links - December 2, 2016

    One State’s Temporary Gun Removal Law Shows Promise In Preventing Suicides Teens can’t tell the difference between real and fake news, unsettling study reveals Quick, Draw! Needle exchanges, once met with fierce resistance, are working Half of People Killed by Police Have a Disability...
  4. he_who_is_nobody

    Weekend Links - November 18, 2016

    Trump Picks Top Climate Skeptic to Lead EPA Transition There’s a way to spot data fakery. All journals should be using it PARALYZED ALS PATIENT OPERATES SPEECH COMPUTER WITH HER MIND Low growth in carbon emissions continues for third year 20,000 people have donated to Planned Parenthood in...
  5. he_who_is_nobody

    Weekend Links - November 11, 2016

    SCIENTISTS FIND KEY PROTEIN FOR SPINAL CORD REPAIR Fringe History and Its Cultural Connection to the 2016 American Election What the Election Means for NCSE “Donald Trump’s presidential election win stuns scientists” Religious children are meaner than their secular counterparts, study finds...
  6. he_who_is_nobody

    Weekend Links - November 4, 2016

    Kentucky Gets an Ark-Shaped Second Creation “Museum” Chick Lit: The Comics and Brimstone of Jack T. Chick, 1924-2016 When tech firms judge on skills alone, women land more job interviews Aboriginal Australians, Pacific Islanders carry DNA of unknown human species, research analysis suggests...
  7. he_who_is_nobody

    Weekend Links - October 21, 2016

    Scientists Are Growing New Hearts in the Shells of Old Ones A Google Maps for the Human Body Genome engineering paves way for sickle cell cure Chiropractic “accident” resulted in death As always add, share, comment.
  8. he_who_is_nobody

    Weekend Links - October 15, 2016

    Dear Donald Trump: I played in the NFL. Here’s what we really talk about in the locker room. Science Is Not Colonialism Archaeology: Wyandotte Nation's new center aims to restore lost culture Update/Correction: Publishers of anti-LGBT ‘special report’ doth protest too much New technique...
  9. he_who_is_nobody

    Weekend Links - October 7, 2016

    Fact-checking the first Trump, Clinton presidential debate Life in academic poverty as an underpaid university teacher: “They just don’t want to pay” Paralyzed man regains use of arms and hands after experimental stem cell therapy at Keck Hospital of USC Robert Todd Carroll of The Skeptic’s...
  10. he_who_is_nobody

    Weekend Links - September 23, 2016

    PRESIDENTIAL SCIENCE DEBATE 2016 [answers] UTA researchers’ papers find proven concept of using light to image and potentially treat PTSD Deep in the Swamps, Archaeologists Are Finding How Fugitive Slaves Kept Their Freedom New Fabric Uses Sun and Wind to Power Devices A cinematic approach...
  11. he_who_is_nobody

    Weekend Links - September 9, 2016

    France’s top administrative court overturns burkini ban Volcanic eruption masked acceleration in sea level rise Why aren't the presidential candidates being asked about science? Good Thinking Society’s successful challenge to NHS homeopathy A SETI Signal? HUNT FOR NINTH PLANET REVEALS NEW...
  12. he_who_is_nobody

    Weekend Links - August 26, 2016

    400-year-old Greenland shark is oldest vertebrate animal Mysterious magic spells unearthed by archaeologists in Serbia Jordanian writer held over Facebook cartoon deemed 'offensive to Islam' I Went on a Weeklong Cruise For Conspiracy Theorists. It Ended Poorly. A Magical Mushroom Powder...
  13. he_who_is_nobody

    Weekend Links - August 12, 2016

    These are the best arguments from the 3% of climate scientist 'skeptics.' Really. Mike Ward's Human Rights Tribunal decision, explained - Montreal - CBC News Dinner in 3D Australian vaccination rates are at an all-time high after government removes anti-vaxxers' benefits Forty Cents a Head...
  14. he_who_is_nobody

    Weekend Links - July 29, 2016

    Why Twitter Lost Its Mind Over These ‘Hispanic Para Trump’ Signs The Unlikely Paleontologist: An Interview with Mary Schweitzer (Part 1) and Part 2 How a Guy From a Montana Trailer Park Overturned 150 Years of Biology Bill O'Reilly's jaw-dropping response to Michelle Obama: "Slaves were...
  15. he_who_is_nobody

    Weekend Links - July 22, 2016

    A Gathering of Giants Why Turtles Evolved Shells: It Wasn't for Protection Human skeletons reveal ancient hunting techniques The 7 biggest problems facing science, according to 270 scientists As always share, add, comment.
  16. he_who_is_nobody

    Weekend Links - July 15, 2016

    107 Nobel laureates sign letter blasting Greenpeace over GMOs - Alternative article encase the first link does not work for you. California Town Fixes Crooked Curb, Breaks Geologists' Hearts It Looks Like Pluto Has a Liquid Water Ocean Best of Last Week—Earth's leaking atmosphere, stopping...
  17. he_who_is_nobody

    Finding answers for Factfinder

    Today, a creationists posed to me these questions. I honestly do not know the answers to them. I am posting them here for a helping hand.
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    Weekend Links - July 1, 2016

    New crop varieties 'can't keep up with global warming' Why the Brexit vote result has UK scientists terrified SCOTUS Strikes Down Texas Abortion Ban Statistical Testing of Common Ancestry: Something To Be Embarrassed About? Bird wings trapped in amber are a fossil first from the age of...
  19. he_who_is_nobody

    Weekend Links - June 24, 2016

    We Finally Know Why Birds Are So Freakishly Smart Avida-ED Web, The Beta Release Face of the Future First Mammal Species Goes Extinct Due to Climate Change As always add, share, comment.