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    Looking in after six years - South West UK

    I'd recorded League of Reason in my wiki, and saw it again today, so dropped by. I'm on Facebook and Twitter, in Plymouth and across Devon and Cornwall, and getting involved with a lot of different groups. Some are hostile, some are welcoming. I post on here in the Networking forum. On...
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    UK Games Expo - Birmingham May 2012

    This is something I need to book - but UK Games Expo (which is a boardgaming/roleplaying event) is happening at a Masonic Hall in Birmingham at the end of May 2012 - and as there is a fairly large reason/geek overlap I was wondering if a get together of skeptics and general A-tribe people might...
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    Plymouth, United Kingdom

    OK, maybe that should be Devon and Cornwall or Cornwall and Devon but people will argue about the order. I've been a gnome in the tall grass of youtube and various other places for a long time. Since joining LoR I've also had a very long period of unemployment/finding myself/lazing about (18...